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How to activate your credit card

How to activate your credit card

Start enjoying everything your new Meridian credit card has to offer! Check out your easy options for activating your card, plus some helpful tips for a smooth start to your credit card experience.

Activate your card over the phone

To activate your new credit card by phone, simply call 1 (877) 205-3142. It takes less than a minute. Also, the initial recording will tell you to sign the back of your card – this is not necessary for cards issued after October 9, 2022.

Tip: Call from your primary phone number (the one associated with your credit card account) for a smoother activation.

Activate your card online

Account services page in eZCard with the Account Management options highlighted.

To activate your new credit card online, start by signing in to your Meridian online banking account. Next, go to your Credit Card page, and choose ‘eZCard’ from the ‘Select an action’ menu.

Once you’re in eZCard, go to the Account Services page and select the ‘Card Activation’ link under Account Management. After that, simply enter your card expiration date and confirm activation.

A note for authorized users who are not Meridian Members

If you are an authorized user on a credit card, but not a Meridian Credit Union Member, you can access eZCard directly without going through Meridian Online Banking. Simply register by going directly to eZCard.

Helpful tips for after you activate your card

Smiling man at a desk holding a credit card and looking at his phone.
Update your preauthorized payments and card information

You may have set up pre-authorized payments or added your credit card information to online accounts – it’s a great way to simplify your everyday finances and spending. But when you get a new credit card, with a different account number or even just a new expiry date, this can cause some issues. Avoid the hassle by taking the time to go through all your preauthorized payments and any accounts that have your card information (like Amazon, Netflix, etc.). Updating your card’s new expiry date and 3-digit security code will help you avoid declined or missed payments.

Explore eZCard’s features and options

Now’s the perfect time to go to eZCard and familiarize yourself with everything it offers. Go to your account services page and make sure your contact information is accurate, find your rewards balance, check out the variety of alerts you can use to monitor your account, and more.

Learn all about eZCard

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