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Use eZCard to manage your credit card and redeem rewards

Use eZCard to manage your credit card and redeem rewards

How to get to eZCard

eZCard helps you manage all aspects of your credit card account, like rewards, alerts, updating your personal information, etc. You don’t need a separate log in – you can get to eZCard directly from your Meridian Online Banking account. Simply go to your Credit Card page and choose ‘eZCard’ from the ‘Select an action’ menu.

If you are an authorized user but not a Meridian Member, you can access eZCard directly by registering at eZCard.

Meridian online banking platform on credit card account page, with ‘Select an action’ menu highlighted

Manage your credit card online

Account services page in eZCard with the Account Management options highlighted.
Getting started
  • Go to the 'Account Services' page and select 'Contact Information' to make sure all your account details are accurate.

  • Choose your preferred statement. Go to the account view (toggle at the top right of the page). Then, select “Statement Delivery Options” and choose your preferred statement option (electronic or paper).

eZCard page with account switch icon highlighted at the top and the Rewards section in Account details highlighted.
Track and redeem your reward points
  • To check how many rewards points you have, make sure you're in the account level. You can switch to the account level by going to the top of the page and selecting the switch icon next to your account name.

  • If you're in the account view there will be a 'View Rewards' button in the Account Details section. This takes you to the rewards site, where you can redeem your points.

Spend snapshot pie chart displaying top spend categories
Manage your spending
  • Review transactions in eZCard to keep track of your spending. You can even search and filter them by date, purchase category, or amount.

  • Select a transaction to review details or if necessary, dispute a charge.

  • Use Spend Snapshot to get an overview of your spending habits. It's a great way to start budgeting how you’re using your money.

Alerts page in eZCard
Sign up for alerts

Set up customized alerts to keep track of every aspect of your credit card account. Alerts include:

  • Upcoming payments

  • Reaching or exceeding your credit card limit

  • Transactions above a custom amount

  • Credit card balance above a custom amount